Three Ways to Maximize Experience Points (XP) in Zwift

Zwift has turned my indoor winter training sessions into a cycling game. Like most games, the goal of Zwift is to overcome challenges and achieve goals, giving the player a sense of accomplishment as they progress up levels and accumulate points. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to maximized points to move up levels faster.

Zwift Route Achievement Badge
Route Achievement Badge
  1. Complete Route Badges – When you complete a route for the first time you earn a route achievement badge. In addition to earning the points for the distance completed, you also receive a one-time XP bonus equal to the XP you already earned for the route. In essence you double your XP points for riding a route for the first time.
  2. Riding Streaks – A ride streak is the number of weeks you ride consecutively in Zwift. You must ride at least 2 kilometers, or 1.25 miles, for your ride to count.  Achieving a ride streak awards you with additional XP:
    • 300 bonus XP for each of the first two rides of week 1.
    • 400 bonus XP for each of the first two rides of week 2.
    • 500 bonus XP for each of the first two rides of week 3 and subsequent weeks in the same ride streak.
  3. Complete the last kilometer or mile – XP are earned for every km (20 XP) or mile (32 XP) completed, so it pays to complete partial miles remaining at the end of your ride. For example, if I complete 1.9 miles I earn 32 XP. However, if I ride another .1 mile making my distance 2 miles, I earn 64 XP. While this is not a big gain, it does pay to complete that last km or mile.

In every game, a strategy is crucial to success. These three strategies will help you maximize your XP in Zwift, which in turn get you better equipment and access to some level restricted areas in Zwift.

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