Zwift Essentials

The minimum essential items you need to start Zwifting:

  • Bike – Any bike that is compatible with your trainer will work. However, Zwift recommends a road bike with 700c tires for the best experience. I use my “everyday” bike on Zwift because I find it very beneficial to be able to tweak my bike over the winter while I’m using it on a trainer.
  • Compatible Trainer – At a minimum, you will need a smart trainer that can measure and share your data so you can move in the game. I use a Wahoo Kikr, a direct drive trainer that changes the resistance, so it feels more realistic going up and down hills in Zwift.
  • Internet Capable Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone – In essence, Zwift is a video game. And like all video games, Zwift needs a compatible electronic device to run on. My computer, tablet, or smartphone are all capable to run the Zwift app. However, that does not mean it will run on all devices. Chances are that Zwift will run on your device as long as your device is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ANT+, or both compatible.
  • Zwift Account – Finally you will obviously need a Zwift account and subscription. Since I only ride inside during the winter, I only subscribe during the winter months for $14.99 per month.

That’s it! That is all you need to get started Zwifting.

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Ken Whittaker