Secret Healthy Cookies?

I hate to disappoint those looking for a secret healthy cookie. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any such thing as a truly healthy cookie. However, there are times when a cookie can provide cyclists with just what they need to keep from bonking. Let me explain.

When a cyclist bonks the glucose levels drain from their blood resulting in fatigue and light-headedness.  There are many sports products out there that can help restore glucose levels. Lately, my favorite has been Honey Stingers, particularly the Cherry Blossom chews. However, if I run out or forget to throw a few packs in my jersey, I can generally always find Fig Newtons.

Nutritional Value

Amount Per ServingHoney Stinger Cherry BlossomNabisco Newtons Fig Cookies
Total Fat0g0g
Total Carbohydrates39g21g
While the nutritional values are similar, the Honey Stingers do have more carbohydrates with correspondingly more calories.

So why Fig Newtons? Figs are from nature and are high in natural sugars, minerals and fiber. You can’t say that about Oreos.

Ken Whittaker

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