What’s not to like about e-bikes?

In addition to the scientific research, there are also real life examples of people reaping the cardiorespiratory benefits of e-biking. Perhaps, the most famous is Martha Steward, who at 77, rides e-bike. See Martha Stewart Claps Back at Critic Who Said She Was ‘Too Old’ to Ride a Bicycle.

So what’s not to like about e-bikes?   The downside of e-bikes is that in most cases they can only be ridden on the road. Many safer cycling options like rail trails don’t allow e-bikes because they are motor vehicles.

While I understand the concern with the potential for e-bikes speeding on the trails, I think that e-bikes users are unlikely to speed on the trails, especially with senior citizens. Why? Because most serious cyclists, like myself, can easily exceed the post speed limits on a traditional bicycle but we don’t.  We don’t speed is because it would be irresponsible and dangerous for ourselves and other multi-use tail users.

There really aren’t any valid reasons for multi-use trails such as Rail-to-trails to ban motor assisted e-bikes. Policies need to change to allow motor assisted e-bikes on trails accommodate aging Americans who might otherwise not be able to use the trails.

Ken Whittaker