Substitute for Sunscreen

I’m a big believer in sunscreen, however there have been times when it isn’t readily available or practical. For instance, when I ride trails and camp at night, sunscreen attracts dirt like a magnet. Without a shower available at the end of the day, this can become a bit of a dirty sticky mess.

In those instances, I tend to use sunwear like sun sleeves. legs and headwear to protect my arms, legs, head and the back of my neck. This way, I only have to apply sun screen to protect the exposed area like my face and top of my ears. This greatly reduces the amount of sunscreen needed and helps to keep me cleaner while still protecting me from the damaging rays of the sun.

Another advantage of sunwear is that it is super light when compared with a large bulky tube of sunscreen, it isn’t washed off by rain or sweat, it can be used again and again, and it doubles my protection if I do use it with sunscreen. I also feel like sunwear keeps me cooler on hot days, yet warmer on cooler days, if that is possible.

Ken Whittaker

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