E-bike Slackers

I admit that I’ve never been an advocate of electric bikes (e-bikes).  When I cycled coast to coast across America, I was determined to pedal every inch under my own power.  I viewed e-bike riders as slackers and lazy.  However, I’ve had a change of heart about e-bikes.  So, what changed my mind?  Old age!

As a young man, I start cycling for exercise.   I felt that cycling was a good sport for me because I could continue cycling into my old age, and I have.  I cycle across America in my mid sixties and I am still riding strong and doing centuries (100 miles) rides in my seventies.  While I want to remain active and enjoy the outdoors, I know I can’t continue cycling like this forever.

As baby boomers like me age, cycling will become more difficult. E-bikes are the natural transition for us to stay active and enjoy our sport.  I like the idea that when I need it, an e-bike will give me a battery-powered push. Yet, I still will be pedaling my bike to get it.

Ken Whittaker