Cycling Across Arizona, USA

Arizona, USA

Here are my log entries for the nine days I spent cycling across Arizona. Each entry includes the date, route map, mileage, elevation gains and loss, temperature, windspeed and direction, and a brief recap of the day along with pictures. Click on the links below for the details.

Day 5 – Yuma, AZ to Dateland, AZ

Day 6 – Dateland, AZ to Gila Bend, AZ

Day 7 – Gila Bend, AZ to Casa Grande, AZ

Day 8 – Casa Grande, AZ to Catalina, AZ

Day 9 – Rest Day 1 – Catalina, AZ

Day 10 – Catalina, AZ to E. Tucson, AZ

Day 11 – E. Tucson, AZ to Tombstone, AZ

Day 12 – Tombstone, AZ to Douglas, AZ

Day 13 – Douglas, AZ to Rodeo, NM