Sunscreen 1st

The very first thing I put on even before a stitch of clothing, is apply a generous amount of sunscreen. Although I’m the type of person who tans easily and I rarely get a sunburn, it’s a ritual for me to apply SPF 90 sunscreen each morning before dressing while I’m cycle touring.

I make applying sunscreen the very first item of my daily agenda not only so I wouldn’t forget it, but also so I won’t miss some of the riskier spots for me getting sunburn. Since I am a balding man, I start at the top of my head and work down.

That said, my nastiest sunburn while touring was when I missed applying sunscreen to the top of my ears. Another problem area for me is when my sleeves and shorts ride up and I get a wicked sunburn line around my legs and arms on those areas normally not exposed to the sun.

The sun can be deadly, so don’t forget the sunscreen!