Getting Started with Zwift

Zwift program display while riding

Before I started training with Zwift, I first needed a trainer. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post “Why I choose a Wahoo Kickr over a Peloton Stationary Bike,” I use a Wahoo Kickr smart trainer. However, whichever type of trainer you decide to use, it should have a power meter, cadence sensor and heart rate monitor (note power meter, cadence and heart rate data displayed on top left of Zwift Screen).

Since I use a smart trainer and not a stationary bike, I also needed a bike for the trainer. In my case, I use the same bike that I used to cycle across America. Since I’ve ridden this bike many thousands of miles, there is no need for any changes or additional setup of the bike for the indoor trainer.

Finally, I needed an internet capable electronic device to run the Zwift program on and a Zwift subscription. While I’ve used both my mobile phone and laptop computer, I found that the mobile phone screen was a bit too small and a computer with gaming capabilities worked the best.

Ken Whittaker