Three Rules for a Successful Zwift Session

Screen shot of author beating a personal best time on Zwift
Zwift Personal Best

While I am a fairly strong rider (for my age), it can sometimes be demoralizing when other riders fly by me on Zwift, especially those Tron bikes with the glowing wheels. I found it helps to keep these three simple rules in mind during my Zwift sessions.

Rule #1 – Put Zwift into Perspective: Zwift is huge! There are roughly 4 million users from around the world with a wide range of abilities on Zwift. There is no way I would expect to be leading the pack in such a diverse group of riders. So I shouldn’t be surprised when someone zips by me during my Zwift sessions.

Rule #2 – Focus on Your Strengths: Zwift can be humbling. However, I am proud that I rarely see an avatar with gray hair like me. I want the other riders to know that I am not a young man. If fact, when I’m Zwifting it is the only time I ride without a helmet so other ride know that I’m old. I find it empowering to still be out there as a septuagenarian.

Rule #3 – Use Yourself as the Benchmark: Forget the rider that just passed you. I focus on self-improvement rather than comparison with others. The only real competition I have is with how I did yesterday and whether I can see improvement over time.

So, if while Zwifting you see the gray-haired K.Whittaker avatar, give him a Ride On. Better yet, empower every rider you pass with a Ride On.

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