Out with the old

Anyone handy with tools can do a Bafang electric bike conversion in a few hours.  I started by removing the front derailleur, crankset and bottom bracket on my bicycle.

The front derailleur is no longer necessary and the crankset and bottom bracket are replaced with the BAFANG motor and cranks. A crank puller and bottom bracket tool are needed for their removal. And if your chain doesn’t have a master link then a chain tool will also be needed to remove the front derailleur.

Here are the parts that I removed with the tools I used. However, there are different types of cranks and bottom brackets. So the tools you need may be different. If you don’t have the tools needed consider having your local bike shop do this step for you. If you are a DIYer like me the tools will cost about $50 and can be found on Park Tool’s website at https://www.parktool.com/ along with detailed help on how these jobs are done.

Ken Whittaker