The Bafang Kit

Bafang 750 Watt mid drive kit

The Bafang 750W BBS02 mid drive motor kit includes all the hardware needed to convert most mountain or recreational bikes with flat handlebars into an electric bike.  However, in my case, I was converting an old 1997 Cannondale road bike with Shimano RSX 3×7 indexed shifter and integrated brake levers.  As a result, the Bafang mechanical levers provided in the kit wouldn’t work for me.

The Bafang levers have built in Ebrakes that cut the power to the motor when the brakes are engaged.  Initially I felt this feature was not necessary since the motor only provides power when the rider is pedaling and automatically cuts the power when the rider stops pedaling.  This seemed unnecessary since I felt it was counterintuitive to pedal and break at the same time.  However, on my first test ride without Ebrakes I quickly realized that on slow tight turns I did pedal and brake the same time to maintain the proper speed in the turn and it was not a time good time for the motor to kick in the power.  Clearly, this was a safety feature that I didn’t want to give up.     

Fortunately, with a little research I found Minshine MS-BK-1R inline brake sensors that plugged and played with my Shimano integrated shifter and brake levers and the Bafang Motor.

Ken Whittaker