In with the Bafang

Mounting the BAFANG motor is easy. The whole unit simply slides into the bottom bracket shell and is fastened into place with the provided hardware. Here again, you will need a special bottom bracket tool for this job. I would recommend purchasing the tool directly from BAFANG with the motor. It cost about $20.

A word of caution! Pay attention to the torque on the bolts mounting on the motor. The motor case is aluminum and can easily be stripped if over tightened.

Next, I installed the chain ring, crank arms and pedals. Take care to make sure you mount the crank arms on the correct sides. While they look identical, there is a left and right arm. If you get this step wrong, like I did, you will need a crank puller to get them back off. So, take your time and check the markings on crank arms before installing them.

Ken Whittaker