Day 38 – Camp Mary, LA Rest Day 6

APRIL 13, 2015

Day 38 Crawfish

Day 38 – Camp Mary, LA rest day

Today was more of a bicycle maintenance day than a rest day for me. I had several tubes to patch, a chain to lubricate, a bike to clean and a general bicycle inspection to do. I really don’t want to have a catastrophic equipment failure at this point, especially this close to the end.

We are staying at a rather peaceful Girl Scout camp in their cabins. The cabins are nice since it rained all night last night. Actually, the rain provided a natural white noise for sleeping. Surprisingly, some of the riders opted out of the cabins for their tents because they had to walk to far get to the dining facility. I figure if I can ride my bike across the country, I can walk as far as a Girl Scout to a dining facility.

Also, we are sharing our cabin with a bird that clearly views us as unwelcome guests. I am sure the bird will be happy to see us leave tomorrow.

Ken Whittaker