Day 37 – Opelousas, LA to Camp Mary, LA

APRIL 12, 2015

Day 37 – Opelousas, LA to Camp Mary, LA

Day 37 – Opelousas, LA to Camp Mary, LA – 67.32 miles – Elevation:+915 / -823 feet

Today was a very eventful 67 mile ride. I set a new personal record for flat tires with four flats. Three of the flats were within a quarter mile. I used my two spare tubes, Udi’s spare and Jeff’s spare. The only spare we had left was Lisa’s and she used it when she got a flat. Along the route we saw an alligator and crossed the mighty Mississippi River. We are staying in a Girl Scout camp tonight which is a bit different but adds to the adventure.

Today Chef Anne served beignets with breakfast. Unfortunately, the beignets only reminded me of how much I’ve missed Colleen for the past several weeks. Many years ago (I’m not very good with dates) Colleen and I were on a TDY (Temporary Duty) trip to New Orleans, LA. During our off hours we went for coffee at the Café Du Monde locate along the Mississippi River and ate beignets and chatted. As they say, the rest is history. Remembering this only makes me miss her more and look forward to completing the tour.

Day 37 Ken Whittaker crossing the Mississippi

Total flat tires = 9

Ken Whittaker