Why I choose a Wahoo Kickr over a Peloton Stationary Bike

Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer

After researching the Wahoo Kickr smart trainer and the Peloton stationary bike, it was clear that I could maintain my fitness over the winter months with either platform. I didn’t think either system offered a greater training advantage to make that the deciding factor in choosing which system was right for me.

However, I knew that when the warmer weather returned, I would be anxious to get back to cycling outside as soon as possible. Either trainer would be packed away until cycling outdoors was no longer practical again next winter. So, spending a lot of money on a bulky stationary bike I would only use a few months and put in storage the rest of the year was not a viable option for me. A smart trainer that I could use in combination with my regular bike made much more sense.

Besides the obvious benefits that a smaller smart trainer has over a bulky stationary smart bike, like being portable and easy to store, the transition back to outdoor cycling is seamless. In fact, I find it very beneficial to be able to tweak my bike over the winter while I’m using it on a trainer. I’m able to try out new gear and setups and when the warm weather returns, I simply take my bike off the trainer, mount the rear wheel, put the trainer in the closet and I’m ready to go and I know everything will work well together.

Ken Whittaker