How I Eliminated Flat Tiress Forever! Part 3.

Slime Tube Sealant

Tube Sealant. While my flat resistant tires work well, some road debris like the thin steal wires from ruptured automobile steal belted radial tires still manage to puncture them. Subsequently, I still need another level of protection if I want to accomplish my mission to eliminate flat tires forever. Fortunately, I found that I could do that with tube sealant.

I had heard horror stories about sealant, however, this was not the case for me. For example, in one instance I was turning at an intersection when I heard the pssst . . . . pssst . . . . pssst . . . . of a punctured tire going flat. Yet, before I cleared the intersection the tube sealant had already sealed the puncture. All I had to do was pump a little air into the tube to replace what was lost and I was on my way.

Since most tube sealant only requires a few ounces in each tube, there is negligible weight added to my wheels. But most of all, it’s very satisfying to hear a flat tire just fix itself.

Ken Whittaker