How I Eliminated Flat Tires Forever! Part 2.

Velocity veloplugs

Spoke Hole Flats. While my flat resistant tires greatly reduced puncture flats from road debris, after returning home I noticed that the majority of my flats were caused by the spoke holes in my rims. Either the rim tape shifted exposing the inner tube to the sharp edge of the spoke holes or the rim tape deformed at the spoke hole and the tube ruptured.

Although old fashion cloth rim tape seemed to resolve the problem, I was on a quest to eliminate my spoke hole flat forever. So, my answer was to pop Velocity Veloplugs into each spoke hole. While they are meant to eliminate rim tape, I also used light weight plastic rim tape to hold the plugs in place. This would ensure the plugs stayed in place and wouldn’t shift or get lost if I had to change a tire.

As a result, I had a bulletproof solution to my spoke hole puncture problem with negligible weight added to my wheels.

Ken Whittaker

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    1. They are great for eliminating spoke hole flats. Let me know how you like them.

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