Tiny Changes Can Produce Big Results

I know small changes can produce big results sounds like a cliché. But even your choice of socks can help keep you safe when cycling.  For example, the human brain is wired to notice movement and has the ability to recognize rhythmic up-down movements of pedaling. Adding strikingly bright socks to your cycling kit can offer a powerful and low-tech tool for enhancing visibility on the road. Check out the science at An Open-Road Study of the Daytime Conspicuity Benefits of Fluorescent Bicyclist Apparel.

Black Bike with Reflective Sidewall Tires

I make myself as visible as possible with as much Hi-Viz color as I can, including my helmet, gloves and even my special order “Atomic Yellow” bicycle. I also look for clothes and accessories that have reflective material as part of their design. Whether its clothing, tires, panniers, seat bag, etc., reflective material adds an extra layer of visibility in low light that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I don’t have to worry about dead batteries. The sidebar picture of my black bike helps to illustrate how much more visible my bike becomes in low light conditions with reflective sidewall tires.

Ken Whittaker