Dess Boldly Conspicuous

In my post “5 Step Guide on What Clothing to Pack” I talk about how cycling clothing is notoriously functional at keeping a cyclist comfortable. However, your cycling clothes can contribute significantly to increasing your safety on the road too.

Lately, I’ve noticed an alarming fashion trend toward dark cycling clothes. While it may look cool, dark cycling clothes blend into the environment and reduce your visibility to drivers on the road. Recently, I was astonished to see a cyclist wearing camouflage clothing. What was he thinking? I don’t want to sound cruel, but was he trying to win the Darwin Award for contributing to the evolution of humanity by removing his genes from the gene pool?

On the road, dress to be boldly conspicuous. Wear Hi-Viz clothing that stands out and can be well seen from a distance and in low light. That’s why yellow has become the standard worldwide for warning signs. Similarly, wearing Hi-Viz clothing serves as my warning sign to motorists that they are sharing the road with a cyclist.

While this seems like common sense, if in doubt you can find the supporting science here at “The Safety Impact of a Yellow Bicycle Jacket“.

Ken Whittaker