Day 35 – Silsbee, TX to De Ridder, LA

APRIL 10, 2015

Day 35 – Silsbee, TX to De Ridder, LA

Day 35 – Silsbee, TX to De Ridder, LA – 72.48 miles – Elevation: +801 / -597 feet

Today was a 72.5 mile route and our last day in Texas. I feel somewhat cheated because there wasn’t a sign welcoming us to Louisiana to have my picture taken under. I had to wait until we left Louisiana on Day 40 to get the picture below. As a result, I have no pictures from today other than the pictures taken with my bicycle camera. In addition, we didn’t want to take much time taking pictures since we were trying to beat a forecasted thunderstorm.

Tonight we are staying in a motel with real beds and our own shower. You can’t imagine the simple enjoyment of having a warm shower without rushing through it because 30 other people are waiting to use the same shower, like we did last night.

Since I don’t have any trip pictures to share, I want to share a picture of a great tool Chandler has been using to mount tires. If you’ve ever struggled to mount tires on your bike, you need this tool (Kool Stop Tire Bead Jack), especially for those almost impossible to mount foldable tires. If you have a cycling friend or spouse, buy them one, they will love it.

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Day 35 Kool Tool

Ken Whittaker