Day 25 – Brackettville, TX to Concan, TX

MARCH 31, 2015

25 – Brackettville, TX to Concan, TX

Day 25 – Brackettville, TX to Concan, TX – 73.91 miles – Elevation: +2,215 / -1,860 feet

Today is the last day of the West Texas Triple Chain Ring Challenge (my own name for the last three days) with a 74 mile ride. I can definitely see a change in the vegetation along the route. Everything is getting much greener and there is more water.

We are staying at the River Bend Resort and I had the option of sharing a cabin with three other people or to sleep outside in my tent. I chose to sleep outside. I’ll tell you tomorrow if that was a good idea or not since they are forecasting rain. Tomorrow is a much needed rest day.

Considering this is a remote area and the possibility of rain, I guess I will get the opportunity to spend a lot of down time in my tent.

Ken Whittaker