Day 24 Comstock, TX to Brackettville, TX

MARCH 30, 2015

Day 24 Comstock, TX to Brackettville, TX

Day 24 Comstock, TX to Brackettville, TX – 76.23 miles – Elevation: +1,539 / -1,804 feet

According to Bubba, today is the second of the three hardest days of the tour. It was suppose to be 72.7 mile day in western Texas along US Route 90 or fondly known to me as shake and bake highway. To make matters worse my GPS screen locked up and we missed a turn adding an additional 5 miles to the route.

While preparing this post, I realized that the posts are always all about me. Therefore, I would like to share a little bit about the other riders. Attached is a photo of the only tandem on the tour. I don’t want to sound sexist here but Colleen and Randy are unique in that Colleen is the captain of the tandem. Normally the man is the captain, but due to Randy’s visual impairment Colleen performs the job. Needless to say, they appear to be the happiest riders on the tour.

Day 24 Colleen & Randy

Ken Whittaker