You Who Are on the Road

While sharing our most significant life events with an old class mate I hadn’t seen in 50 years, I learned that we had both cycled across America. Yet, our experiences couldn’t have been more different. While I spent two months on the road cycling the 3,000 miles with 50 other cyclists and a support staff, she spent 18 months on the road cycling mostly solo.

She told me that she had also written a book about her experience, and added “A slight spoiler, it’s not a travel log kind of book.” I knew I had to read her book. I think the best cycling books aren’t about miles or location. They are about the self examination and personal growth along the way. While my first attempt to ride self-supported across America ended unsuccessfully with a crash in Hazard, KY, it was a huge success in the sense that I learned so much about myself and the people along the way.

If you are interested in a cycling book about a young female rider’s self examination and personal growth while riding solo across America, you can find “You Who Are on the Road” by Karen Bauer (Author) on Amazon or by clicking here.

Ken Whittaker