What was Surly thinking?

Surly Disc Trucker Frame

My goal for the Disc Trucker build today was modest. I cleaned off the years of dust that had accumulated on the frame and fork and waxed them. Then I installed the headset and fork.

The only drawback to the frame that I can find is that it doesn’t have a replaceable rear derailleur hanger. What could Surly have been thinking? I guess, since the frame is CroMoly steel, a bent derailleur hanger could easily be straightened. Besides, the only broken derailleur hanger I’ve ever had was when my wife backed over my aluminum alloy bike with our van. My fault not hers since I left my bike leaning against the garage door. That bike didn’t have a replaceable rear derailleur hanger either. The only way to salvage that frame was to made the bike into a single speed.

On the plus side, I was amazed at how many mounting points there are on the frame and fork. There are 8 threaded bosses or eyelets to attached things to the fork alone. The frame also has a built-in pump peg and spare spoke holder. There is even enough space in the frame, and an adaptor available from Surly, for mounting a kickstand. Wow! The last bike I had with a kickstand was my old Schwinn of 50 years ago and I’ve missed a kickstand ever since.

Ken Whittaker

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