Trek Bicycle Bait & Switch?

In my previous post (1998 vs 2018 Bicycle Prices) I mentioned that I’ve been thinking about buying a 2018 Trek Domane SL 6 Disc with a MSRP of $3,600. The Domane SL 6 Disc seemed like a great value to me and I decided to buy one. So I went to my local Trek Bike Shop to buy the bike.

After spending a considerable amount of time dialing in the specs for the new bike, I was told that Trek would not have a bike available in my size (52 cm) until November.  Needless to say,  I was a bit disappointed. The cycling season is almost over here by November. Then I learned that Trek would be able to build a 52 cm Project One 2018 Trek Domane SLR 6 Disc for me in only five days. Unfortunately, this bike would cost nearly twice the price of the Domane SL 6 Disc.

Was Trek using a bait and switch sales tactic to lure me in with a low price on an unavailable Domane SL 6 Disc with the goal of upselling me with a similar, pricier Domane SLR 6 Disc ? I don’t know. I would like to think that wasn’t Trek’s intent. What do you think? Have you had a similar experience?

Ken Whittaker