The Disc Trucker gets a Mirror

Rhode Gear Quick Release Cycle Mirror

I was lucky to find a Rhode Gear Quick Release Cycle Mirror, “New in Box”, on Ebay for the Disc Trucker. This vintage, made in the USA, mirror was in very high demand when Rhode Gear replaced it with a plastic model. So much so, that it used to sell for far more than its original retail price. Now it is almost impossible to find at any price, so you can’t image how happy I was to find it for about its original retail price.

Although the Disc Trucker’s first thousand miles have been on rail trails, it still gets a mirror. You might wonder why a mirror would be needed for a bicycle used for riding rail trails. The answer is simple, to see what going on behind me. Unfortunately, there are a few riders that don’t practice good trail etiquette  by giving a friendly heads up when overtaking walkers and slower riders.

In addition, when riding with friends on a rail trail, it is easier to keep track of everyone with a mirror.   I find whether on the road or on the trail, a mirror is a good addition to a bike.

Disc Trucker Mirror

Ken Whittaker