Rules of the Trail

Not all trails have the same rules, so it is important to know the rules for the trail you will be cycling beforehand. However, here are three universal rules I’ve found on every trail I’ve cycled. They are

Ride at a Safe Speed

Ride Safely – First and foremost ride at a safe speed. While most trails have a speed limit of 15 miles per hour, that doesn’t mean that it is a safe speed. I’ve found sections of trail closest to parking areas are the most congested. More than once I have had small children run out in front of me. So, slowdown in congested areas. A few miles from the parking areas you will most likely have the trail to yourself.

Ride Right & Pass Left – Always ride to the right side of the trail and pass on the left. On multi-use trails there are a lot of users traveling at different speeds. Share the trail by staying right so faster users can pass safely and pass to the left when passing slower users.

Rules of the Trail – Know the rules of to the trail. Bicycles yield to walker. Walkers yield to horses. Simple right? That means bicycles yield to everyone on the trail.

Rules of the Trail

Ken Whittaker