Clothes to Pack

With my bike waiting for me in San Diego, I focused my attention on packing the clothes I’d wear while cycling across America. When I pack, I think in terms of kits. In my case, I packed four warm weather kits that included padded shorts, three pocket short sleeve cycling jersey, cycling gloves and light weight socks. Each of my kits were packed in a large gallon sized zip lock bag to help me stay organized. Also, when I am riding self-supported, packing each change of clothes in its own bag helps to ensure that everything stays dry in my panniers. From there I supplemented my warm weather kits with a rain kit, a cold weather kit and a hot weather kit.

Before I started bike touring I was a fair-weather rider. If I looked out the window and saw rain, or there was a remote chance of rain in the forecast, I wouldn’t even consider riding my bike. Consequently, I never fully realized what I needed to ride comfortably and safely in the rain. In retrospect, I cringe to think that the only rain gear I used to carry was a plastic garbage bag to serve as an emergency rain jacket. Needless to say, I quickly learned the error of my ways. Inevitably, there will be rain and cold weather and in many cases while touring, I had to continue riding regardless of the weather conditions. So, it is important to be prepared for anything that Mother Nature might throw at you. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a deadly situation.

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Ken Whittaker