My Life Summarized in Coffee Mug Sayings

Yes, I have a retirement plan. I plan on cycling.

I’m either riding, about to go riding or thinking about riding.

Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.

Am I a cycopath? A person suffering from uncontrollable urges to ride my bicycle.

So, I went to a cyclogist to help me with my problem.

While I might look like I was listening, in my head I was riding my bike.

Sometimes I wonder if my bike is thinking about me too.

Am I a Bikeoholic? A person addicted to cycling. They cannot control how often they think or talk about riding and their bike(s). They are sometimes known to start riding even before breakfast to take the “edge” off the day.

Is there a bike-o-holics anonymous?

Am I a Bikesexual? Someone who replaces human contact with a bicycle, whilst displaying very strong feelings towards their bike and / or cycling.

A ‘bikesexual’ could survive without any human contact so long as they were able to ride their bike. Being denied their bike could result in severe withdrawal symptoms, including becoming frustrated, upset and introverted. An overwhelming feeling of sadness could also be experienced.

You lost me at . . . I don’t cycle.

Good day for cycling.

I’d rather be Cycling.

Miles are my meditation.

The bicycle is a simple solution to the world’s most complicated problems.

Life Is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving.

The Journey Is The Destination.

Ken Whittaker