9 Cycling Web Sites You’ll Love.

Adventure Cycling Association

  They are a full service site with a mission to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle.

Google Maps

  You can get directions for traveling by bike to anyplace and they offer a street level view that can greatly assist people who navigate by landmarks.

Old Man Mountain

  Most of today’s bikes are not made for touring but this site will help you put pannier racks on any bike.

Sheldon Brown

  Sheldon Brown’s site is a GREAT source for technical information about your bike.

Park Tool Co.

  They offer tools for your bike and detailed repair help and education.

The Touring Store

  It is an online store that focuses only on bicycle touring needs.


  We all love to shop for new stuff.  This site will help you   find the best prices on bikes and bike parts. It will search 45 online bike stores for the lowest prices on 125,000+ bike product listings.

Rivendell Bicycle Works

  They offer a refreshing mix of retro and innovative cycling products.

Surly Bikes

The Big Dummy, Long Haul Trucker, and Pugsley are innovative bikes that can take cycle tourist places they could never go   before.


Ken Whittaker

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