Since the maps for the 2015 Coast to Coast tour were posted online before the start, I had the opportunity to pour over them beforehand. However, after reviewing the maps, I was a bit intimidated by the +3969 ft. climb out of San Diego the first day and another +3788 ft. of climbing the next day. The route also crosses the Continental Divide several times and to make matters worse, the total elevation gain over the complete route was equal to twice the hight of Mount Everest.

Considering the elevation gains, and that I was going to be supported, I chose my lightest bike with narrow tires instead of my touring bike. This may have been a mistake. When I chose my bike I should have consider all aspects of the route, not only the elevation gain, but also what bike I would feel most comfortable with for the 52 days.

Ken Whittaker

Original post January 20, 2015
Updated April 12, 2018