Identification and Emergency Contact Information

One thing that I don’t leave home without, even if I’m going for a short bicycle ride around home, is my identification and emergency contact information. Let’s face it, as cyclists rocketing along with only a few square inches of rubber touching the ground we do run the risk of injury and it is important that someone else knows who to contact if we are hurt. In fact, I wear identification and emergency contact information on me 24/7.

In my case, days after completing my 3,000 miles coast to coast ride, I was struck by a car only two miles from my home. While I was conscious when they loaded me into the ambulance, I couldn’t think clearly enough to tell them my wife’s phone number. Fortunately, at the time I was wearing a hi-vis, reflective strap around my ankle with my name, year of birth, and her emergency contact information on it. I simply pointed to it and the police officer was able to use it to contact her immediately.

Whether it’s dog tags, a bracelet, ankle strap or another method, always have your identification and contact information visible on you so someone can contact your loved ones if you are hurt.

Ken Whittaker

Updated April 20, 2018