How to Eliminate Disc Brake Squeal

Picture of Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner.
Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner

I rarely write product reviews. When I do, it is always of a product that I use and paid for myself.  I do not benefit in any way by my product reviews. I share my opinion of a product with the visitors to this website so they might benefit from my experience with that product. With that said, let me tell you about Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol

I made the transition to disc brakes when Avid bb7 cable disc brakes were introduced in the late 1990’s and I’ve never regretted it.  In fact, I’m still using those brakes today, decades later.  I love disc brakes, BUT I HATE THE SQUEAL.  While there are many things that can cause disc brake squeal, generally with well-maintained brakes in good working condition contamination of the disc and rotor has always been the cause of my brake squeal.

Over the years I have used Dove dish soap and Isopropyl Alcohol to clean my brake with good results.  While these products work for me, I did have to remove the pad to use them.  With Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol, I simply sprayed the brakes and rotors, and the squeal was gone.  It is a product well worth trying if you are plagued with disc brake squeal.

Ken Whittaker