Garmin Custom Splash Screen

I wouldn’t think of riding my bike without my Garmin Edge. I’d be lost without it! No pun intended. Unfortunately, it is a small device that can easily be lost and is expensive to replace.

Just in case I do have the misfortune of loosing my Garmin, I’ve added my contact information to the boot up splash screen. If someone finds my lost bike computer and they have it in their heart to return it to me, all the information they need is displayed on the splash screen when they power it up.

Although Garmin doesn’t keep secret how to create a custom splash screen message, and they do provide instructions on how to create one on their website at Custom Message or Text on Start Up Screen | Garmin Support, it certainly isn’t a well known feature.

It is an easy process that all Garmin owner should do. Simply attach your Garmin device to your computer > Open the drive labeled Garmin > Open the Garmin folder > Open the file named startup.txt in your text editor > Follow the on-screen instructions to add your custom splash screen message and save. That’s it! Now if you loose your Garmin there is a chance of being reunited with your wayward device again.

Ken Whittaker