Fork, Seatpost and Saddle

Disc Trucker with Uncut Steering Tube

Cutting the steering column (top of fork) is the task I dread the most on a bicycle build. It’s not because it’s difficult. It is because whatever length I decide on now, it seems will be too short later. I’ve also observed a direct correlation between my age and my desired handlebar height. The older I get, the higher I like my handlebars.

Therefore, with this build I’m not cutting the steering column, instead I’m using spacers above the stem. That way I can dial in the height of the handlebar by moving a spacer from above the stem to below it to raise the handlebars. In addition, the extra column above the stem gives me a place to mount my GoPro camera. Only time will tell how well this idea will work.

I also installed the seatpost and saddle. Yes, those are copper rivets in the seat. If you have never tried a Brooks saddle, I highly recommend that you do. They may not look like it but they are the most comfortable saddle made once you break it in.

Brooks Saddle

Ken Whittaker

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