Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail – Other Considerations

A few other consideration before cycling the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail.

Head Winds.  In the Keys, the wind is generally from the northeast.  While this is will provide a nice tail wind on the way to Key West, but it becomes a head on the way back.  Be prepared for headwinds, this can make it feel line like you are cycling uphill all day.  So, plan your daily mileage goals accordingly.

Cross Winds.   On the bridges a cross wind can be particularly dangerous.  Especially with large truck whipping along side of you.  Be prepared to make alternate arrangements if this becomes a problem.

Tropical Climate.  The Keys have a hot humid tropical climate with little shade.  Be sure to carry plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  While services are available along the way, you may have to cycle a significant distance between services.

Lodging.  If you can’t sleep in the heat, don’t consider tent camping.

Flats.  There is a lot of debris along the trail.  Be prepared incase of flats.  Bring a spare tube, patch kit and pump or CO2 cartridges.

Uneven surfaces.  In the group I was cycling with a ride went down due to an uneven trail surface and had to airlifted to Miami for medical treatment.  Be prepare for uneven surfaces and ride an appropriate tire.

Ken Whittaker