Five Features Bicycle Mirrors Must Have

As mentioned earlier, I used a handlebar mirror when I cycled across the country. However, I also use helmet and glasses mirrors. Regardless of the type of mirror, here are five features my mirror must have.

Glass Mirror – In my experience glass mirrors provide the clearest and brightest image.

Adjustability – As mentioned in my previous post (see Bicycle Mirror Limitations), a mirror must be carefully aimed. Therefore, a mirror must be fully adjustable so that it can be aimed to the viewing angle necessary for you.

Stability – I need to feel confident that I’m constantly looking in the same area behind me. Since bicycle mirrors provide a narrow field of view, it shouldn’t move or be knocked out of adjustment while riding.

Replacement parts – Since glass mirrors can break, I look for mirrors that I can get replacement parts for.

Convex – I prefer a convex mirror because it provides a wide field of view. However, I find a super-convex mirror can be difficult to determine the speed and distance of vehicles behind me.

When considering a bicycle mirror, look for these features to stay safe.

Ken Whittaker