Double Duty Light Mount Extension

Light Mount Extension

There never seems to be enough space available on my handlebars to mount all the things I like in my cockpit. There’s my bike computer, day running light, Di2 Climber Shifters, GoPro Camera, and bell. That’s right, believe it or not, I have a bell on the same bike with Di2 shifters. More on why you want a bell in another post. The problem is even further compounded on my e-bike with its controls on the handlebars as well.

There just isn’t enough room for everything. So, I get pretty excited when I find an accessory like a computer mount that can double as a mount for my GoPro. But even better is a replacement screw for my GoPro mount that doubles as a light mount. These simple modifications get most of my handlebar accessories off my handlebars, yet they are still in plain view and readily accessible.

Ken Whittaker