Disc Trucker Gets Fenders

Disc Trucker with Fenders

The Disc Trucker is getting a lot of action lately. Ever since I was struck from behind by a car, I enjoy riding on rail trails without the worry of being killed by a distracted driver. Luckily, I have an 80-mile rail trail close to home that I can cycle. Nevertheless, one of the drawbacks to trail riding is the constant bombardment by dirt kicked up from the trail.

Fortunately, the Disc Trucker is designed to accept full-length fenders to keep me and the bike cleaner. In my case, I used an old pair of Zefal 65mm (approx. 2.5-inch) fenders although I’m only running 1.6-inch tires now. These fenders will give me full coverage no matter how fat a tire I might use later. I chose the Zefal fenders because they have two stays front and back making them strong and secure.

Perhaps it’s just me, but adding fenders makes the bike look like a real “Trucker” now.

Ken Whittaker