Day 9 – Rest Day 1 – Catalina, AZ

 MARCH 15, 2015

Rest Day 1 – Catalina State Park, AZ

Rest Day – Catalina, AZ

Today was a greatly needed rest day. While some of the riders went hiking in the Catalina State Park or off to conquer Mount Lemmon on their bicycles, I was off to Walmart to buy the necessities I forgot to pack. The downtime also gave me the opportunity to reorganize my things to better match my daily routine. I packed my cycling clothes for each day in a separate zip lock bag along with any energy gels or snacks I might need. That way I could just grab everything I needed for the day. In addition, I made a morning bag with my toiletries and sun screen for a quick start each morning. It didn’t take me long to figure out the earlier I start each morning the less time I sent riding in the hottest park of the day.

Ken Whittaker