Day 6 – Dateland, AZ to Gila Bend, AZ

MARCH 12, 2015

Day 6 – Dateland AZ to Gila Bend, AZ

Day 6 – Dateland AZ to Gila Bend, AZ – 52.30 miles – Elevation: + 643 / – 259 feet

“CHANDLER” is the cry of my fallen fellow road warriors. Chandler, the bicycle mechanic, has been faced with and has resolved all types of mechanical problems offering a reassuring smile and generally a joke too.

Today a member of the group I’ve been riding with found himself locked into his pedals when one of the small bolts from his cleats fell off his shoe. Chandler to the rescue. If Chandler can’t fix the problem on the spot, he helps the rider get to the camp for the night. The next day he has the bike fixed and ready to ride . I doubt if any of us would make it to the end without Chandler and the rest of the support crew.

Day 6 – Gila Bend

Ken Whittaker