Day 51 – High Springs, FL to Palatka, FL

APRIL 26, 2015

Day 51 – High Springs, FL to Palatka, FL

Day 51 – High Springs, FL to Palatka, FL – 85.69 miles – Elevation: +1,594 / -1,562 feet

Today is the second to last day. While it was supposed to be an 84 mile ride, I got to do a few extra miles. As luck would have it, one of my riding partners forget the cue sheet this morning so I offered mine. Since I ride with a bicycle GPS, I general don’t use my cue sheet.

Unfortunately, we got caught in a thunderstorm this morning while I was in front leading the group. We each take turns leading for two miles. Unknown to me they dropped off and found cover from the rain and lightning while I sped up in an effort to outrun the storm.

To make matters worse, I missed a turn and without a cue sheet I couldn’t find my way back to the route. A quick call to SAG and I was back on the route. Once back on the route, I met up with Ron and Nancy and rode with them until I met up with my group again.

I was pleasantly surprised by Colleen at dinner tonight and I am looking forward to finishing the ride tomorrow and returning home.

Ken Whittaker