Day 43 – Dauphin Island, AL. Rest Day 7

APRIL 18, 2015

Day 43 Shoreline — Dauphin Island, AL

Day 43 – Dauphin Island, AL. Rest Day 7

I woke up to the pitter patter of rainfall on my tent this morning. Luckily it is a rest day and I don’t have to ride today. The time off also gives me the opportunity to share a little bit about the support staff that help so much to make us successful in our adventure. Without them the journey would be much more difficult.

There is the Wolfpack, a group of young men that put up and take down our tent city and other support facilities at each overnight location come rain or shine. For example, when I arrived here, all I had to do was find my tent. Inside my tent my bags and inflated air mattress were already there waiting for me.

There is also a SAG support staff that are stationed 20 to 30 miles apart along the route that check to ensure each rider arrives when expected. If a ride doesn’t show up, someone on the SAG team goes out looking for them. In remote areas the SAG also supplies drinks, snacks, and a chair to sit in. The support staff even does our laundry for us about twice a week.

Having toured self supported I can say without a doubt that the jobs that the support staff do for us would be exhausting if we have to do them ourselves before and after each ride. Especially on long rides.

Ken Whittaker