Day 32 – Mexican Hill Ranch, TX – Rest Day 5

APRIL 7, 2015

Day 32 Mexican Hill Ranch

Day 32 – Mexican Hill Ranch, TX – Rest day 5

Today is another much needed rest day. It also gives me an opportunity to talk about other aspects of the tour besides the cycling.

Perhaps the most essential person to our success each day is Chef Ann and her husband who prepare our breakfast and dinner each day. Her food is amazingly delicious. At the start of the tour Bubba told us that the food would be as good as any you would get on a cruise ship and he was not kidding.

Last night we had an outstanding dish called St Louis Pork Steak. It was fantastic! Other dishes have been shrimp scampi, rib eye steak, meatloaf and ham for Easter. Needless to say, Chef Ann is adored by everyone on the tour and she does all of her culinary magic from a motor home and a trailer.

Ken Whittaker