Day 28 – Kerrville, TX to Blanco, TX

 APRIL 3, 2015

Day 28 – Kerrville, TX to Blanco, TX

Day 28 – Kerrville, TX to Blanco, TX – 59miles – Elevation: +2,430 / -2,713feet

While today was a short day at 59 miles, it was a difficult day for me. The Texas hill country on this portion of the route had a lot of short steep climbs, up to 10% grade. In addition, not all Texas drivers have the patience for bicycles moving slowly uphill in front of them. In fact, we had one pickup truck pass us on the right hand side of the pavement driving across the grass of people’s front lawns. That was a first for me and I hope it never happens again.

Nevertheless, the hill country is nice but somewhat desolate with scattered farms. It is so desolate that we had to make our lunches in the morning because there was no place to buy lunch along the route. Luckily there was a nice café in the morning and a Dairy Queen at the end of the route.

Ken Whittaker