Day 19 – Van Horn, TX to Marfa, TX

MARCH 25, 2015

Day 19 – Van Horn, TX to Marfa, TX

Day 19 – Van Horn, TX to Marfa, TX – 74.68 miles – Elevation: +1,184 / -636 feet

Today’s 74 mile ride along U.S. 90 will forever be known to me as the Shake & Bake Highway. Why you ask? Well it was the worst chip seal yet and I don’t think there was one square inch of shade the whole ride. I was truly shaking and baking. It was so bad that my water bottle cage and my CO2 cartridge holder broke due to metal fatigue from all the shaking.

On a positive note, there must be something about those Christmas trees. Today we saw a Texas Christmas tree and we had tail winds again! In fact, we were stopped by the Marfa police as we were sailing down the road. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for speeding. Wouldn’t that make a great story. We were stopped for riding on the road and not the shoulder.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Prada store and the spy in the sky. See pictures. I can’t explain.

Ken Whittaker