Credit Card Touring Essential

I am fortunate to live near the C&O Canal National Park and l sometimes like to get out and ride the towpath without the hassle of racks, panniers and camping gear. Basically, carrying nothing more than my credit card while eating out and sleeping in motels (aka Credit Card Touring). However, it is never that easy. I always have to carry something. Whether it’s a change of clothes, rain gear, tools or a spare tube and tire, there is always something I feel I need to take with me.

In the past I’d always used a rear rack with a trunk bag. However, recently I’ve switched to using a Revelate Designs Viscacha Seat Bag. While it seemed a bit pricey for a seat bag, it’s eliminated the need for a rack, trunk bag and even a rear fender. This large saddle bag has a 6-14 L capacity, only weights 13.8 oz and can carry everything I need while credit card touring.

Revelate Designs Viscacha Seat Bag

Ken Whittaker