Chain & Master Link

Master Link

Once the new front derailleur is mounted, I can install the chain. I always add a master link to the chain because it simplifies chain removal for cleaning and servicing. I’ve found that a master link pays for itself over replacement pins if I need to remove a chain just a few times. I even carry a master link in my patch kit just in case I break a chain on the road. However, it takes a little practice to be able to remove a chain by hand.

For this build, I used Master Link Pliers to open and close the master link and a Chain Hook to hold the chain together while working on it. Rarely is a chain the right size out of the box and must be sized for the bike. Using the old chain as a guide is not recommend if you’re replacing a stretched chain from use. There again the Park Tool’s website does a wonderful job on installing a chain.

Tip: A master link, master link pliers and a chain hook make this job much easier.

Master Link Pliers

Ken Whittaker

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