Brake Cables

In-line Brake Cabling

Today’s project is brake cabling. The interrupt brake levers (AKA cross top or In-line brake levers) are sometimes confused with the old safety levers of yesteryear. They are not safety levers. These are simply another set of levers installed between the brake calipers and the drop levers that allow the rider to activate the brakes with both levers.

I know this is confusing. However, check out Park Tool’s website. They do a good job of explaining the installation of this type of brake levers.

Tip: While you can cut brake cable housings and cables with a variety of tools, a good set of quality cable and housing cutters will make life a lot easier. On the other hand, a cable stretcher tool is a nice-to-have tool but not necessary.

Tip: I also use a grinder and or file to eliminate burs and ensure smooth ends on my housings.

Ken Whittaker

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